“I liked some areas received a lighter touch and others a deeper touch. I liked that essential oils were not just added, but that I was asked about my preference. I liked the music and the lighting. The temperature was spot on. […] Truly a relaxing and recuperative experience.” ~Kathy F.


“Amy is an amazing Massage Therapist. Her sense of touch and attention to detail are on the mark. Not only was she able to help me relax from stress she managed to release my back from sacrum to occipital region in one move. You cannot go wrong with Amy.” ~Wes S.


“I have enjoyed Amy’s energy and therapy for many years. I have recommended her to many of my friends and count her among some of the best in the business.” ~Don M.


“Amy is wonderful at what she does. She is attentive to what the customer needs. She takes the time to walk you through the process/steps she will take to get you to a healthy/happy state. She is by far the best I have encountered in her line of work and would recommend her to anyone looking for holistic medicine!” ~ CJ


“Amy is a loving, caring and exceptional licensed massage therapist. I saw Amy for 3 or 4 sessions to resolve a hip issue I had and I was completely thrilled with her ability and caring as a massage therapist. She relieved the pain in my hip and was able to actually release that joint. My left hip used to be about 1.5 inches higher then my right. Currently, they are both even and this allows me to align my body, much more easily.” ~Stephanie W.


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